Where Is The Love?

First things first – let’s start with the love

If you are like me, you can’t really focus on more than one thing at a time. Work, book, your significant one, anything.  And, sometimes, you know, sometimes it takes time to finish the task, right? Well, it took me seven years to get my company to a level, where I could take some time off and actually raise my eyes up from my laptop. And guess what. My girlfriend was gone.

Time to think, right?

love business balance

Well, it took me maybe 10 minutes to think and about three months to get sober. The thing is my company got into some troubles, I had to work basically 24/7, you know the routine. You might even be in a very similar situation.

So what do you actually do when you find yourself in such an unpleasant situation? In my opinion, you have a bunch of possibilities here. First one is to regroup, dust off and try to get her back. How do you do it? There’s a ton of stuff on the internet on this subject, you can try this one – www.getexbackforgood.com. They have some solid advice.

Or, you can accept it and go on with your life.  Live in the moment, accept what is, try to find love in those tiny daily moments. This is what I did and I have been single since then. So, you might say it hasn’t really worked for me. But then again – I have been really fully focused on my business and not really trying to meet someone. But I’m not willing to repeat that scenario anymore. I have remodeled my business, now I run a consulting business focused very strictly on my target market and I make sure I have some quality time off during a week. No more craziness.

importance of balance in life

The third way is to completely change your life. Because let’s face it – if losing your loved ones is the price you pay for building your business, then what’s the point? And honestly, I can tell you that this is something I’ve been pondering a lot. I don’t want to be one of those guys for whom their business is the center of their universe. The people I love are the center of my universe and I don’t want to change a damn thing about it.

We all make a lot of mistakes on our way to build our businesses. Losing the girl I loved is my biggest regret and I will never ever repeat the same mistake. That would be really sad and super-foolish. And this is the biggest thing here – think about your priorities. You might want to reconsider.