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Studio Lighting Workshop

With Damien Lovegrove

What is it? A 1 day lighting masterclass in a studio environment (for both Nikon and Canon users)

Price: £375 +VAT (£450)

Dates: None available

Places: 3

Models: 1 professional model, 1 make-up artist

Damien Lovegrove
The Lovegrove Studio - Map and directions. 
Recommended accommodation:
Elm Tree Cottage
Workshop level:
Model dress code
dress codedress codedress code



This workshop does exactly what it says on the tin; it is a dedicated day of training to get the most out of studio lighting equipment. Learn to skillfully manipulate light and master the art of producing beautiful portraits.

What you will learn:

You will learn how to use hard light, soft light, key light, fill light, kickers and backlights empowering you to be able to create portraits of all styles. Learn how to control contrast, how to separate the foreground and background lighting in a shot, and how to use reflectors in beauty photography. There is no substitute for a thorough understanding of light and its application when creating portraits in the studio. This masterclass in lighting will demonstrate how studio space can be used to give you total control of your environment. The skills and the knowledge you take from this workshop will be equally valid whether you work on location or in the studio.

If you want a sneak peek at Damien's teaching style, take a look at the 7 minute video on the blog here.

Who should attend?

This workshop is recommended for portrait photographers who wish to expand their creative abilities in a studio environment. All participants should know how to use their cameras.

What you will have at the end of the day to take away:

1. You will be shooting portfolio images you can use right away, on your website, in brochures or on your studio walls. The models we use are professionals and will be patient with us.

2. You will have a new repertoire of lighting styles and images you can shoot in your own studio spaces. This will give you the edge over your competition and you (hopefully!) will feel a renewed excitement for studio shooting.


09:30 - Kit check and introduction.
10.00 - Exploring the properties of hard and soft light.
11.00 - Coffee break.
11.30 - Shooting with two lights, separation of tones and three dimensional lighting.
13.00 - Lunch.
14.00 - Shooting with contrast control and multiple lights.
15.30 - Tea break.
16.00 - Shooting session using all the kit to manage complex situations.
17:30 - Close

Recommended kit list:

1. A DSLR or compact system camera. Any make will do.
2. Two or three lenses covering 50mm to 150mm approx. with or without gaps in the coverage.
3. Camera cards and batteries.

When booking your place please state in 'additional information' what camera kit you'll be using (ie Canon/Nikon/Fuji)

Alistair said: Please can you pass on my thanks to Damien for what was an extremely interesting and informative day. The manner and style of Damian’s tuition meant it was easy to listen to and understand, absorb and remember. The way the whole day was run was far in excess of what I expected and you are all to be complemented for the organisation of the day.

Iain said: Loving the use of gels on the grey background (need to break out my gels and put them into some new studio shots I think) and also the use the plant in the shot with the cube. As always, your images are a good source of inspiration.

Douglas said: Just wanted to say thanks for a great day last Thursday. The images are fantastic, learned loads and really enjoyed it. Still can’t get over what you can do with a single light! I’ll definitely have to go on one of your street shooting courses now!

Rory said: Really inspiring stuff, DL. Thanks for all the time and effort you put into all this. Have been reading for a while now and every single time I have an ‘a-ha!’ moment. Note to self: must book myself on one of your courses.

Michael said:
Many thanks for another great workshop. I have lots of shots that I like and will be on there way to Marko and his team very shortly.

Conor said: I just want to congratulate you on your widely diverse photos and your obvious understanding of light., but also to thank you for sharing your skills with us all.

Steve said:
I have so many good shots from this workshop. It was an excellent day and I’m already using the techniques to help me shoot some much more creative studio work.

Carole said:
Thanks Damien it was a brilliant day that has totally changed the way I will shoot in my studio. I loved it from beginning to end and have some great ‘wow’ shots to look back on. Its amazing to see how much can be done in a studio of that size and see the different effects of the lighting accessories. Having only 3 people made it very relaxed and comfortable.

Booking your place

To secure your place on this workshop, scroll to the bottom of the page and add it to your basket.

Cancellation Policy

As our costs for each workshop remain the same no matter how many delegates attend, please note that just like any pre-booked tickets for the theatre, concert, flights etc, we are unable to give any refund in the event of non-attendance, regardless of the circumstances.   The exception to this is if we have prior notice and are able to put a cancellation place back online AND your place is resold.  In this event we will of course make a full refund or credit to you.    We also reserve the right to cancel any workshop if there is insufficient demand, especially if it means that our costs would be higher than our income.  Please therefore do not leave it until the last few weeks if you are interested in a particular date, as you may find that it has been removed! Please note that we cannot be liable for any other costs incurred by yourself, so please check with us before booking any non-refundable accommodation or transport.

All photography ©Copyright Damien Lovegrove. All rights reserved.

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