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Speedlight Photography Tutorials

If you are looking for top quality speedlight photography training then you've come to the right place. Damien Lovegrove is one of the foremost trainers of photography and entrepreneurial business strategies in our industry. He specializes in advanced lighting training particularly speedlight and continuous lighting techniques. A published writer and regular columnist, Damien has traveled the globe sharing his knowledge and expertise.

Damien learned his trade as a cameraman and lighting director during 14 years at the BBC, working on programmes such as the Clothes Show, Top of the Pops and Casualty. Days off from filming were often spent taking photographs for a variety of top name clients including Peugeot, Motorola, and Adidas.

Speedlight Mastery - The feature-length video tutorial

Speedlight Mastery Tutorials

In 2009, Damien Lovegrove set out to produce his fifth training video on the subject of speedlights (speedlites). This feature length high-definition production titled Speedlight Mastery is jam packed with tips, ideas and solutions to problems you've yet to encounter. It's a video designed to inspire and stimulate the creativity within you. Damien delivers the constant stream of valuable information in a logical and fluid way. If you want to light portraits on location like a top pro then this video is for you. Speedlight Mastery is available on Blu-Ray, in standard definition on DVD, and now available as a complete download including 12 additional bonus chapters.

Damien shows exactly how he designs a picture from scratch deciding upon background, lens choice, shooting position, and framing before he goes on to set up the Speedlights. Once the lighting is rigged he brings in his model and shows how he evolves the shoot, working with his model to get the look he wants.

"I am SO impressed with the outstanding quality of instruction on this DVD. Keep up the good work guys :-)" - Simon
"Well the DVD arrived; superb. Everything I learnt with you on Urban Portraits reinforced plus much more. I look forward to seeing you again for more training. Great DVD and a superb learning tool." - Richard

>> Learn more about Speedlight Mastery.

Speedlight Photography Tips

Speedlight Portrait

Speedlight Tip 1: I lit this intimate portrait of Chloe with a single Speedlight in a beauty dish. In order to cut all the ambient light I decided to expose to f/11, 1/125th using ISO 200. But because I wanted to shoot my 60mm macro portrait lens with an f/2.8 aperture I shot through a 4 stop ND filter.

Speedlight Portrait 2

Speedlight Tip 2: I shifted the colour balance in camera to approx. 3330 Kelvin and added a CTO (colour temperature orange) gel onto my 580EX2. This makes the world beyond Colleen go blue and gave this image a vibrant, punchy feel.

Speedlight Portrait 3

Speedlight Tip 3: For the above picture I used a full CTB (colour temperature blue) gel on a single Canon 580 EX11 Speedlight. It was enough to force the background golden when I set the white balance of my 5Dmk11 to 10000 Kelvin (the maximum setting). It looks like sunset but the shot was taken at 11.16 am. I love the way my Canon 100mm lens renders out of focus backgrounds at f/2.8. This kind of shot is just not possible with big flash kit. ISO 200, 1/4000th second at f/2.8.

Speedlight Portrait 4

Speedlight Tip 4: Transform a shot by rigging a second speedlight behind your subject to give them a beautiful hard edged backlight glow.

Speedlight Portrait 5

Speedlight Tip 5: Use a second/third Speedlight through a Venetian blind to add interest, even to the plainest of backgrounds.

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