Search Engine Optimization

How To Optimize Your Website Properly – Basic White Hat

SEO is as old as the internet itself. Well, kinda. We have seen all various stuff going on in the SEO world. White hat, Black hat, all this stuff… But to us, what really matters is: Is your website good enough for people? Is it worth? That is the real question. Before you even start thinking about rankings, you should ask yourself this very question. Is my website worth rank nr. 1?

What is actually this White Hat fuss about? In our opinion, you need to realize one thing. The point is NOT to optimize your site, content, and stuff for search engines. Really, you probably shouldn’t do that. Why? Well, because you don’t create for bots. Right? You create for humans. So every time you want to tweak something on-page and think about ranking, you should ask first “would I do this if it wasn’t for Google?”. Or rankings generally, because it is not just Google.

Watch this video by Neil Patel to get the idea

Of course, the basic idea is to have a solid content. That’s rule number one and you definitely should breathe it. So make sure your content is good, brings some value and is unique. You don’t want to be the one who steals content, do you?

Another important idea is to have all in line, to provide a great user experience. Is your website fast enough? If not, the users will leave and your bounce rate is going to jump up. Do you have nice pictures, nice videos, is it easy to read? readability is important as you create the content for users, remember? I know I keep repeating this one, but it is crucial, so once again: Create for humans, not for crawlers.

We all know we can hire SEO agencies to improve your rankings. So if you really, really need to hire an SEO expert, make sure they/he will not do some shady stuff with your website. Ask them to improve your rankings, but not use any suspicious or even not recommended tactics (see Google’s recommendations). And honestly, if you have a nice, clean, responsive website with tight content and people love it, you usually don’t need any SEO agency, you just need to keep up the good work and provide, people will love you and so will search engines.