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Lupolux DayLED lighting

Revolutionary daylight balanced fresnel lensed LED lighting for
photographers, videographers & broadcast productions


DayLED 650

RRP: £937.50 + VAT
Lovegrove Price: £666.67 + VAT
Sale Price: £525 +VAT (£630 inc.)

Offer ends Bank Holiday Monday 4th May.


DayLED 1000

RRP: £1,187.50 + VAT
Lovegrove Price: £866.67 + VAT
Sale Price: £680 +VAT (£816 inc.)

Offer ends Bank Holiday Monday 4th May.


Trade Enquiries
We are the UK distributer of Lupolux lighting equipment. Trade enquiries are always welcome for orders of 5 or more lights. Call Blaise or Laura on +44 (0)1275 853204 for reseller rates and information.

Lupolux LED spotlights for wedding, portrait and commercial photography

Lupolux DayLED photography lighting have beautiful fresnel lenses with flood & spot control as well as a high quality build construction. Made from carbon fibre reinforced polymer they are built to last a lifetime. The LEDs themselves are very robust and have a life span of 50,000+ hrs, making them super cost effective long term.

The high colour rendering index of the daylight balanced (5600°K) light produced is from an array of power LEDs. The latest generation models have instant start capability and are fully dimmable from zero to 100%.

The lights run with very low power consumption, so are extremely well suited to run on battery power, ideal for professional wedding, portrait or commercial photographers alike. Lupolux DayLED lamps come equipped with a low voltage socket for battery connection in addition to a mains powered plug.

Lupolux LED lights are fully DMX (remote) controllable so are also perfect for video, stage and theatre productions wanting a standardized method for controlling the lights. 

The Features

• Ideal for wedding, portrait, product and commercial photographers as well as videographers
• Flood and spot control
• Fresnel lensed
• Extremely lightweight and robust
• Low current drain
• Low heat output
• High light output - equivalent of a 650W and 1000W tungsten lamp power respectively
• Near instant start and stop with no warm up time
• 0 - 100% dimming without any change in colour temperature
• 14.8 V battery connection (broadcast industry standard)

• DMX control with through connections.
• Universal yoke
• One year warranty
• LED colour temperature: 5600 K
• Mains supply voltage: 90V - 240V
• Weight: 2.5 kg (DayLED 650) / 3.5kg (DayLED 1000)
• Dimensions: 190mm x 160mm x 180mm (DayLED 650) / 210mm x 260mm x 230mm (DayLED 1000)
• LED life: Over 50,000 hrs.

Special offer - The Lupolux 650/1000 kit

Lupolux two light kit 650 plus 1000. Includes free stand kit, carry bags and Scattergels!

For a limited time only we are offering our customers an amazing deal. When you buy a Lupolux LED 650 and LED 1000 you will receive two Lupolux padded carry bags, an Elinchrom clip-lock lighting stand kit with bag AND a complete 2014 set of Scattergels absolutely free. The kit will also be delivered for free to any mainland UK address.

This amounts to a massive saving of £450.00

If you've been eagering saving your pennies to update your studio kit then now has got to be the most affordable time to invest in Lupolux revolutionary daylight LED technology. Add this deal to your basket below.

Battery Packs
Due the very low power consumption of the Lupolux DayLED lamps they can run on battery power as well as mains power. The lamps can be powered either directly via the in-built 4-pin XLR input sockets on the back of the units (requires a broadcast standard 14.8V battery) or via a pure sine wave inverter pack.

We have developed our own Lovegrove lithium-ion battery inverter packs specifically for the Lupolux LED lights. They are small, portable and ideal for location shoots. For more information click here.

Lupolux lights come fitted with a UK three pin plug as standard unless otherwise requested. If you require a central European or USA plug please just mention that in the 'Additional Information' field at the checkout. These are available from stock so no extra delays should be encountered.

The LED bulbs fitted into the DayLED lights are much more reliable than glass bulbs and have a life expectancy of 50,000+ hours, so you will never have to worry about having to replace them.

Shipping and delivery times

Shipping to any mainland UK address is absolutely free. Occasionally we need to ship the lamps directly from Italy so delivery can take up to 7 days. If you would like your Lupolux shipped to an address outside of the UK please email us for a shipping quote before you place your order.

All Lupolux lamps come with a one year warranty.

USA & EU Customers 
Lupolux LED lights are 90-240v auto sensing units and so will work in most countries including the USA. If you'd like your light provided with a US or Euro plug fitting, just let us know. :-)

Lupolux Photography Collage by Damien Lovegrove

A collection of images captured by Damien Lovegrove and his Lupolux lights

Technical data for Lupolux DayLED photo/video lights 

Product         DayLED 650         DayLED 1000

Lupolux 650 Datasheet

Lupolux 1000 Datasheet

LED consumption:
Light output
650W (equivelent)
1000W (equivelent)
Lamp colour temp.
Hot restrike
Lamp life:
>50,000 hrs
>50,000 hrs
Mains voltage:
90 - 240V
90 - 240V
UK plug fitted
Includes barn doors
Dimming control
Yes 0% - 100%
Yes 0% - 100%
16mm universal spigot socket
16mm universal spigot socket
Fresnel lens:
190mm x 160mm x 180mm
210mm x 260mm x 230mm
Battery input via 4 pole XLR





What are the main advantages over the HMI range?
They have 100% dimming and DMX control. They also come up to colour instantly unlike the HMI range that can take a couple of minutes. The bulb life expectancy is far greater too.

Can I buy DayLED lights with a warmer colour temperature output of 3200°K?
DayLED lights are available with a colour temp. of 3200°K (Warm DayLED). Email us for a quote.
Alternatively you can purchase the cool LED and a set of colour correction gels.

Do the 650 and 1000 LEDs differ in style or quality of light?
The 650 is a slightly smaller lamp but both perform in a very similar manner so apart from the difference in power, the quality of light is virtually identical.

Can the lamps match the power of my flash heads if I need them to?
No, flash is always more powerful than continuous light but (depending on the style of shot you want to achieve) you'll probably find you prefer the look of a portrait lit with Lupolux.

Can you combine the DayLED lamp with the Elinchrom Ranger Quadra?
Yes you can, the Quadra is a great lamp to mix with the Lupolux LEDs because the Quadra has a daylight balanced modelling light, can be used in a soft box and has great control over power output.
We suggest using the Quadra as a soft keylight and the Lupolux as a hard backlight. Or the Lupolux as a hard key and the Quadra to lift the ambient in the room. Either way it is a perfect location combination.

Padded Lupolux branded bags
Hard-wearing black canvas bags designed specifically to fit your Lupolux. Fitted with clear polythene grip sleeves for added comfort and rigidity when carrying your equipment.

Not suitable for the Lupolux Quadlight.

Lovegrove Colour Correction Gels
A collection of 16 gels specifically chosen to diffuse or reverse correct the daylight balanced light produced by HMI Spotlights towards the colour temperature of tungsten light. Simply clip the gels onto the barndoors of your light and instantly re-balance your lighting conditions.

Lovegrove ScatterGels™
Custom screen-printed gels designed to create unique lighting effects in the studio or on location. They are specifically for use with continuous lights so you can easily see and manipulate the effect prior to shooting.

Feedback from customers

Julian said: The Lupolux LEDs I bought recently are fantastic and are now my go to lights.
Stephen said: My Lupolux light arrived today, thanks for great service and advise, can't wait to get creative with it now.
Nick said:
Great to see more images using the Lupolux, so pleased with that light, it goes to every shoot now.

Add to your basket

Lupolux DayLED Kit 650/1000 (incl. stand kit, carry bags & Scattergels)
Lupolux DayLED Kit 650/1000 (incl. stand kit, carry bags & Scattergels)
Availability: Stock Icon
Price £2,106.00
Special Offer £1,656.00
 (£1,380.00 excl. VAT )
You save: £450.00 (21.37%)
UK Mainland P&P from: £0 Free
Lupolux DayLED 650
Lupolux DayLED 650
Availability: Stock Icon
Price £800.00
SALE £630.00
 (£525.00 excl. VAT )
You save: £170.00 (21.25%)
UK Mainland P&P from: £0 Free
Lupolux DayLED 1000
Lupolux DayLED 1000
Availability: Stock Icon
Price £1,040.00
SALE £816.00
 (£680.00 excl. VAT )
You save: £224.00 (21.54%)
UK Mainland P&P from: £0 Free
NEW Lovegrove ScatterGels™ Set #001 (5x 18x16" gels)
NEW Lovegrove ScatterGels™ Set #001 (5x 18x16" gels)
Availability: Stock Icon
Price £40.00
 (£33.33 excl. VAT )
UK Mainland P&P from: £6.95
Lupolux padded bag for HMI & LED lights
Lupolux padded bag for HMI & LED lights
Availability: Stock Icon
Price £60.00
 (£50.00 excl. VAT )
UK Mainland P&P from: £0 Free
The Lupolux HD Video Download Collection
The Lupolux HD Video Download Collection
Availability: Stock Icon
Price £40.00
 (£33.33 excl. VAT )
12x12 inch Lovegrove Correction Gels for Lupolux 400/650
12x12 inch Lovegrove Correction Gels for Lupolux 400/650
Availability: Stock Icon
Price £30.00
 (£25.00 excl. VAT )
UK Mainland P&P from: £4.50
Lithium-Ion Inverter Battery Pack and Charger
Lithium-Ion Inverter Battery Pack and Charger
Availability: Stock Icon
Price £450.00
SALE £350.00
 (£291.67 excl. VAT )
You save: £100.00 (22.22%)
UK Mainland P&P from: £9.45
Elinchrom Clip Lock Stand Kit (EL30162)
Elinchrom Clip Lock Stand Kit (EL30162)
Availability: Stock Icon
Price £106.00
 (£88.33 excl. VAT )
UK Mainland P&P from: £11.95
Elinchrom Clip Lock Stand (EL30101)
Elinchrom Clip Lock Stand (EL30101)
Availability: Stock Icon
Price £47.00
 (£39.17 excl. VAT )
UK Mainland P&P from: £11.95

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