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Lupolux Continuous Spotlights and Soft Quadlight

The next generation of daylight balanced fresnel lensed lighting for photographers, videographers, creatives and stage productions. Fine Italian design meets beautifully clever engineering.

Lupolux DayLED Fresnel Lights

Lupolux LED Fresnel Lights

Revolutionary spotlights utilising the latest technological advances in LED performance.

Lupolux Quadlight 1500

Lupolux Quadlight 1500

A soft, diffusable daylight balanced light with built in beauty dish reflector. 

The main features of Lupolux Spotlights

• Beautiful cool light rendering similar to natural daylight
• Lensed lighting with flood and spot control
• Simple to use without any technical settings or configuration needed
• Easier and quicker to see the lighting effect you're creating unlike flash lighting
• Super lightweight and incredibly strong construction
• Small, compact and easy to take with you on location 
• Quiet running ideal for videographers

Who are Lupolux?

Lupolux stems from Lupo, a general partnership founded in 1932. Originally, Lupo was characterized by the production of studio cameras for passport photos and portraits in general. The company expanded its product range by introducing professional and amateur enlargers, achieving considerable notoriety in Italy and abroad, under the management of the sons of the founder.

More recently, in the 1990s, Lupo began the production of new lighting, including daylight and artificial fresnel spotlights. Currently, Lupolux is further developing the range of daylight spotlights and other continuous lighting products to increasingly facilitate and improve work in photographic and television studios. The main advantages of fresnel daylight spotlights are: low power consumption, absence of heat and absolute stability. These spotlights are becoming increasingly frequent in fashion, portrait and ceremonial photography, thanks to the excellent continuous light and the stability of the light beam. In the television sector (news, talk shows, virtual production) these lights have become popular mainly due to their low power consumption and absence of heat and especially the opportunity to work in all conditions: close up or at a considerable distance. 

What are the key features and benefits of using daylight balanced lighting?

The key features of using a daylight balanced continuous light source as opposed to a tungsten light source is the quality of the light produced. Daylight balanced HMI and LED lights are extremely efficient and require much less power consumption to produce a brighter light. The light is a pure white light that closely matches the colour temperature of daylight, hence their name.

Daylight lighting is used to replicate or boost the quantity of available ambient light to give your images a more naturally lit look. If you're in a dark room with little ambient light and sky is overcast with clouds, then rigging a single Lupolux light can transform your photography. The light will add sunlight when you need it most, so your interior portraits can look like a bright summers day a year round.

Damien will often use light modifiers to create interesting lighting effects in his photography. Together with a cool light source these modifiers enhance the illusion of naturalistic lighting. The techniques are explained on Damien's Hollywood Portraits training video and the tools he uses include venetian blinds, lace fabric, coloured gels, barn doors etc.

Lupolux LED Lighting

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