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Lowel id-light
Lowel id-light Lowel id-light

Lowel id-light kits - now supercharged with lithium ion battery power

Lowel id-light - Dimmable battery-powered continuous tungsten spotlight with XLR connectors. Ideal for shooting weddings and location portrait shoots.

The Lovegrove Lowel id-light Kit
Sale price: £635 £585 (You save £50)

• Lowel ID light (XLR connectors) with 100w bulb fitted
• Barn doors
• Short extending handle
• 2 metre extension cable
• Extra high-capacity Lithium-ion battery in canvas shoulder bag,
• Lithium-ion battery charger

Here are some shots taken by Damien with his Lowel id-light.

Lowel id-lightLowel id-light Lowel id-light Lowel id-light Lowel id-light Lowel id-light


Lowel id-lights 

For many years now the Lowel id light has been widely used in the film and TV industry. It is a strong robust unit, able to take the knocks and rigors of everyday shooting. It has a handy flood and spot function, is fully dimmable and is perfect for wedding photography and location portraiture. The team here at Lovegrove Consulting have taken this highly desirable lamp head and built the perfect kit around it.

The id-light is fitted with a high intensity reflector and prismatic glass to give an even flood & uniform spot, and a full range of light control & mounting accessories to bring convenience & dependability to places where AC dares not go.

Key Features

Small: The Lowel id-light is small and light enough to be easily hand held. The compact design is a triumph of form and function. (barn doors sold separately)

Dimmable: The d in id stands for dimmer. This combined dimmer and switch unit ensures the bulb has a soft start each time you switch it on prolonging it's life. It also has the more obvious function of giving you ultimate control of the light output level. A dimmed id-light is perfect when lighting people at a candle lit table for instance.

Note: Some play or movement in the dimmer switch knob and circuit whilst being operated is quite normal and doesn't affect it's use in any way. Your battery will run for longer if the lamp is dimmed.

Flood and spot control: At the heart of any good battery light is a moveable filament, reflector or lens. Each design produces a slightly different characteristic to the size, quantity and pattern of light emitted. The flood and spot function on the Lowel id-light moves the bubble in relation to the reflector to give a significant range of spot intensity. A subtle diffusion on the lens ensures a pleasing drop off from the lit to unlit part of the scene.

XLR connectors: The Lovegrove supplied Lowel id lights are fitted with a professional 4pin XLR connector. This small, robust, latching inline connector is solid and provides secure electrical connections time after time. Rated at 10A, the 4 pin XLR is simply the best and worth paying a bit more for. Don't settle for less.

What do I need?
The minimum requirements for this lighting system are:
• one Lowel light
• one battery
• and one charger
(all necessary cables and leads included)

Lithium Battery Packs

Lovegrove Lithium-ion Battery packs

Every Lovegrove battery pack (18.4Ah) comes complete with a custom-made black canvas shoulder bag. They fit the batteries like a glove, have a comfortable shoulder strap, and they look very smart. Our batteries last over 4 hours with the id light on full power. That's 6 times the capacity for traditional lead acid battery technology.

What you've said…

Harry said: The Lowels did a great job! The Lithiun ion battery pack runs for a l-o-n-g time. 



Max. current

Max. wattage: 100W

Beam control:
Continuously variable flood and spot

Weight (with 4' cable): 635g / 1.5 lbs

Fits on:
stands, 16mm studs and accessories

4' (1.25m) With 4pin XLR

primarily aluminum and Ryton

Switch: in-head / on dimmer shaft 



The Lowel id-light is a certified electrical product and meets European standards.
Battery requirements: The required voltage of a battery used to power a Lowel id-light is in the range of 11-13v.

Why buy from us?

• All our Lowel lights, batteries and chargers come fitted with upgraded XLR connectors, which offer a higher quality secure fitting than the original connectors. 
• Lovegrove batteries come in a tailor made bag to hang over the shoulder, making this a truly mobile kit. The super high capacity lithium ion battery can give you over 4 hours of continual use on full power!

• As well as having more battery life the new lith-ion battery pack is extremely lightweight, small and therefore much more portable compared to sealed lead acid batteries.
• Unlike the standard output lead, the Lovegrove 2 metre extension lead is the perfect length to allow you to rig your light on a stand and keep the battery at ground level.

• Our Lowel kits also come supplied with a handy extending handle to position your light high above your clients with ease.
• Buy from us and our small team will always be on hand to offer advice and telephone support whenever you need it.
If you'd like to talk to someone about our Lowel id-light system then call us on 01275 853204 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm).


Lovegrove battery pack & charger
These 18.4Ah Li-Ion batteries last over 3.5 hours and come with a custom made Lovegrove canvas shoulder bag.

Barn doors

Control the spill of unwanted light in the scene with some barn doors designed exclusively for Lowel i- and id-light.

2 metre XLR extension lead
(XLRm -> XLRf)
This lead is ideal if you'd like your battery to comfortable sit on the floor whilst your light is high up on a lighting stand.

2 metre conversion lead
(XLRm -> Car Accessory Socket)
Allow you to connect the Lovegrove lithium batteries with a Lowel light fitted with a car accessory output lead.

Lastolite short extending handle
Perfect for location work, as it removes the need for a stand.


Other accessories:

Lighting Stands

Lowel id-light kit
The Lowel id-light kit includes: 1x Lowel id-light (XLR), 1x barn doors, 1x high capacity Li-ion battery, 1x charger, 1x extending handle and 1x 2m extension cable)

Non-UK mainland orders
The cost of postage outside mainland UK is weight dependent and as batteries are heavy, courier fees are very high, so please email us for a shipping quote. This includes the Channel Islands and Northern Ireland

Air Transport Legislation.
Due to current air transport legislation, we are unable to send the lithium ion batteries by air. For destinations outside of the UK, but within the EU, please contact us for a shipping quote BY ROAD prior to making a purchase. Unfortunately, it is not possible to ship these batteries to any countries outside of the EU.

Occassionally our leads will need to be made up on a per order basis, expect delivery in 7-10 days.

Build your Lowel video light kits here

Stock Availibility
Product stock levels are constantly changing for this product due to high demand. If you want to check availability give us a call, 01275 853 204.

PRE-ORDER The Lowel ID-Light Kit
We are expecting more stock week commencing Monday 20th April. You can pre-order it below.

Lowel id-light KIT (The NEW Lovegrove Kit with Lithium Battery)
Lowel id-light KIT (The NEW Lovegrove Kit with Lithium Battery)
Availability: Stock Icon
Price £635.00
SALE £585.00
 (£487.50 excl. VAT )
You save: £50.00 (7.87%)
UK Mainland P&P from: £15.95
2 metre extension lead (XLRm ->XLRf)
2 metre extension lead (XLRm ->XLRf)
Availability: Stock Icon
Price £19.20
 (£16.00 excl. VAT )
UK Mainland P&P from: £3.75
2 metre conversion lead (XLRm -> car accessory socket)
2 metre conversion lead (XLRm -> car accessory socket)
Availability: Stock Icon
Price £18.00
 (£15.00 excl. VAT )
UK Mainland P&P from: £3.75
(Built to order) 2 metre conversion lead (XLRf -> car accessory plug)
(Built to order) 2 metre conversion lead (XLRf -> car accessory plug)
Availability: Stock Icon
Price £18.00
 (£15.00 excl. VAT )
UK Mainland P&P from: £3.75
Arri Lighting Stand
Arri Lighting Stand
Availability: Stock Icon
Price £70.50
 (£58.75 excl. VAT )
UK Mainland P&P from: £17.95
Lastolite Jupiter stand
Lastolite Jupiter stand
Availability: Stock Icon
Price £29.00
 (£24.17 excl. VAT )
UK Mainland P&P from: £11.95

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