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Bespoke Leather Portfolios

Bespoke Leather Portfolios - Presentation at its best

Display Portfolios for photographers, artists, designers or business presentations.

Make the best first impression you can with one of these stunning portfolios. We have now become an online supplier of the fine leather bound portfolios as used by Damien Lovegrove for the past five years. They are made from a single piece of sumptuous high quality leather and offer a new approach to photography presentation. "Everyone who has seen my portfolios are impressed by the simply beautiful presentation" says Damien. "It is really easy to chop and change the prints around and I constantly update the order and print selection in my Portfolios". Each folio will take up to 40 sleeves (80 prints) in their normal guise. Folios with larger capacities are available upon request.

Normal turnaround is 10 days from order to delivery. All portfolios are tailor made to order using the finest materials. 

To price up your portfolio click on the 'Ordering' tab to the right hand side of the page.



The leather portfolios can be made in a range of different colours. Feel free to request sample leather colour swatches. This is a natural product and each is unique with its own history, the skins are top grain 3mm hide. Every hide is carefully chosen and the character in the skins will vary in degree but each will have been selected by us.

Leather can be dyed to any colour if ordering six books or more.

Black and Dark Brown are the most popular choices and are a less expensive option than other colour options.





Dark Brown








Our leather portfolios can be made to any custom size. Some standard sizes we produce include:

• 10 x 8 inches
254mm x 203.2mm
• A4
210mm x 297mm
• 11 x 14 inches
279.4mm x 355.6mm
• A3
297mm x 420mm
• 12 x 18 inches
304.8mm x 457.2mm
• A3-plus
330.2mm x 482.6mm
(13 x 19 inches)

Your portfolio can also be orientated into landscape or portrait formats. Take a look at the relative size comparison chart to the right.

Please note:
It's important to note that the portfolio sizes mentioned on our site relate to the size of the sleeves or the future contents of the portfolio and therefore the maximum size of prints they can hold. The actual size of the portfolio cover will be slightly larger to accommodate and protect the content.

Portfolio Size Comparison


Blind Debossing

Personalise your presentation portfolio with a custom debossed name or logo. You can deboss your own name, business name or logo onto the leather cover.

The process is called blind debossing as no ink or foil is used. The letters/logo will be depressed/indented into the leather rather than raised up from the surface.

There are two options:

 • Standard debossing or
 • Bespoke debossing.

With the standard option you can choose from one of two standard typefaces to write words along a line. PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU WOULD LIKE TIMES OR HELVETICA.

The bespoke option requires a custom block to be made with the logo design or font of your choice. Once you have placed your order you will be contacted and asked to send an image file (ideally a high resolution black and white jpeg) of the design you would like debossed.

Please note - debossing can't be dyed or tinted to a different colour.


STANDARD EMBOSSING : Below are examples using the standard debossing option. One uses a sans-serif font (Helvetica) and the other a serif font (Times).



BESPOKE EMBOSSING : Below is an example of a bespoke debossing logo.



Portfolio sleeves are an optional extra to help protect your content. Made from crystal clear archival polyester they are specifically made to fit your portfolio. Sleeves come with either black or white removable inserts depending on your intention. Your prints simply slide into place from the top or bottom. They are designed like a tube with folded sides.

Your content/prints can be displayed on both sides of the sleeves and are clear from edge to edge.

Each folio will naturally take up to 40 sleeves (80 prints) in their normal guise. Larger capacity portfolios are available upon request.

Sleeves are only designed to fit a Lovegrove supplied leather portfolio.

With or without sleeves?

Alternatively your prints can go straight into the binder without sleeves. The images will need to be printed with an extra 1” margin on the left. This margin will disappear into the binder. When you order your portfolio you can purchase our scoring template kit. If the 'no-sleeves' option is your intention, please tell us as our manufacturer can make the portfolio cover slightly shorter in overall length/width to take account of the content sitting inside the binding area.

Scoring template kit

The scoring template kit is only required if you intend to go for a no-sleeves option. The kit includes a simple cardboard scoring template, hole punch and scoring tool. Different portfolios will require different types of hole punch. The kits bought for an A3 landscape, 11x14 landscape and A3+ landscape portfolios will be supplied with a 4-hole hole punch. Other sizes will be supplied with a single hole punch.

Note: A standard 2-hole office hole punch is suitable for a 10x8 landscape portfolio. Please contact us if you want the scoring template but don't require a hole punch.

The Binding
The sleeves or prints are bound using a pillar and post system. The metal posts/rods can be extended or made smaller to accommodate your content. Your content is sandwiched as the posts are tightened by the screw cap.

The binding is hidden from view with a hinged fabric panel that snaps shut with magnets. The image to the right (below) shows the binding with the screw posts and magnets.

These portfolios are not designed to lay completely flat for double page spreads.



Inner Covers

The inner covers are like an extra sleeve bound in on a cloth hinge with pre-punched holes. They come in pairs, one for the front and one for the back. They are made from either black card or frosted semi-translucent polypropylene. These are a highly recommended as they help protect your first sleeve from unwanted scratches.

For portfolios without sleeves we recommend the frosted versions as the black card can transfer fibres onto first page.

Portfolio Inner Covers

Lovegrove Print Actions

With every portfolio order you will receive an exclusive Lovegrove Portfolio Photoshop Action Set.

This set of Photoshop actions will size your prints first, add a white border and then places a blurred, feathered stroke around the image for a beautifully clean professional look.

The set of actions will prepare your images for printing with ProAm, Loxley or InkJet printing and has options for both landscape or portrait orientations. A perfect match for your portfolio.

These actions are not designed for prints that will be placed directly into the portfolio binding without sleeves.





Portfolio Slip Case
Accessorise your portfolio with a beautifully crafted slip case. Finished in archival buckram with a leather strap these cases are designed to fit your portfolio perfectly.

Your portfolio slides into the rigid case and the strap holds everything in place.

Slip cases can be embossed with your name or logo to match your portfolio for no additional embossing costs.

Available in black only.

Portfolio Slipcase




Digital Art Printing

To offer a complete service for your portfolio needs, we can offer you a fine art giclée printing service for your Lovegrove Portfolio. 

Fine Art portfolio prints are specifically for A3 landscape portfolios only as this is the size Damien Lovegrove prefersThey are designed to fit inside your portfolio directly without sleeves to make the most of the beautiful paper finish and print quality.

We print on Hahnemühle Fine Art Photo Rag paper and prices start at just £12.00 +VAT per print (£40 +VAT minimum setup charge per order).

To read more information on our fine art printing service please click here.

Please note, when ordering a portfolio with prints they will arrive separately.



Prices (ex. VAT) - to calculate the total price of your portfolio click on the 'Ordering' tab. No card details are required until you are ready to place the order. Below is a comparison chart to give you an idea of costs.

Size (Inches)

Portfolio (Black/Brown)

Portfolio (Other colours)

Sleeves (ea.)

Inner Covers

Slip Cases

10x8 £94.00 £103.40
£1.00 £8.50
A4 £175.00 £192.50 £1.90 £12.50
11x14 £225.00 £247.50 £2.50 £15.00
A3 £275.00 £302.50 £3.60 £17.50
£285.00 £313.50 £4.00 £18.00
A3 plus (13" x 19") £295.00 £324.50 £4.50 £18.50

Extras (ex. VAT)

Standard Embossing

Bespoke Embossing

Hole punch and scoring template kit

Fine Art Portfolio Prints (A3 Landscape only)
£11.50 per print. (£40 minimum order)

Postage Costs (incl. VAT)


Price will be lower if just buying accessories.
Portfolios ordered with fine art prints can be collected at the studio.
£35 (approx.)

Rest of the World
£75 (approx.)

Normal turnaround for single portfolio orders is approx. 10 days. Bespoke sizes are also available by quotation, please contact us here. 
We try to keep the delivery costs as low as possible, but there may be occasions when our website under-calculates the amount due, especially on overseas orders.  In the event of this happening, we will contact you before placing your order with our supplier, and request any extra money or offer the choice to cancel your order. 

Ordering your portfolio :

To calculate the total price of your portfolio click on the size you'd like below and start adding products to your basket.

Alternatively if you have any questions that the website can't answer please don't hesitate to give Blaise a call on 01275 853204.
Or email her here.

Normal turnaround for orders is 10 days.

8" x 10" Portfolios    A4 Portfolios    11" x 14" Portfolios
A3 Portfolios    12" x 18" Portfolios   A3+ Portfolios (13" x 19")

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