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Continuous Lighting

We stock daylight balanced continuous lighting solutions from Lupolux as well as traditional tungsten continuous lights from Arri and Lowel. They all offer something different for the professional wedding or portrait photographer.
Take a look at our choice picks of the best continuous lighting systems on the market today.

Lupolux DayLED Fresnel Lights
Lupolux LED Fresnel Lights
Revolutionary lights with arrays of powerLEDs.
Lupolux Spot Daylights
Lupolux HMI Fresnel Spot Daylights
Daylight balanced HMI lights.
Lupolux Quadlight 1500
Lupolux Quadlight 1500
Soft, diffusable light.
Arri Junior Fresnel Lamps
Arri Junior Fresnel Lamps
Compact mains powered lighting ideal for indoor wedding shoots.
Lowel id-light and accessories
Lowel id-light - kits and accessories
Focusable, light-weight, portable battery powered lights.
Lighting Stands
Lighting Stands
Essential lighting support.

Damien Lovegrove's thoughts: "When I was a wedding photographer, my all time favourite light source was an Arri 300W Junior Fresnel spotlight. The great thing about working with continuous light is you can see exactly what you are shooting and by adjusting the light focus and barn doors all sorts of creative lighting can be created."

The battery powered lighting of Lowel id-lights offer something a little different in that they are very portable and compact. They can be held up with an extending handle and can be easily taken outside for those evening wedding or location shots. We have created our unique Lowel id lighting kits or you can picj and choose to create your own.

Lupolux HMI daylight balanced lights
are the ultimate luxury for the professional photographer. They offer a pure clean light source with a colour temperature of between 5600°K and 6000°K. Lupolux lights have the added benefit of being super lightweight, easily to use and are still vastly more affordable than other HMI lighting.


As well as selling the lights themselves we also stock a wide range of continuous lighting accessories. We have lithium powered battery packs and inverter battery packs, plus lighting stands, coloured gels, extending telescopic handles and Damien Lovegrove's magic water reflector. Each product has been either hand-picked or custom made by Damien Lovegrove and his team, so you can rest assured they will deliver a top performance when you need it most.

California Sunbounce Pro Starter Kit
Sunbounce Reflector Kits and Accessories
Mini and Pro size kits, screens, frames and accessories.
Lithium batteries for continuous lighting
Lithium Ion Portable Battery Pack
Lithium ion battery packs for battery powered lighting.
Lithium batteries for continuous lighting
Lithium Ion Inverter Battery Pack
Lithium ion inverter battery packs for continuous mains powered lighting.
Extending Handles
Extending telescopic handles
Raise the height of your light the easy way.
Lighting Stands
Lighting Stands
Essential lighting support.
Lovegrove ScatterGels
Lovegrove ScatterGels™
Custom designed, screen-printed gel kits to create dynamic patterned lighting effects.
Lovegrove Studio Gel Collection
Lovegrove Studio Gel Collection
Bring your studio to life with our selection of fun, vibrant coloured filter gels.
Lovegrove Correction/ Diffusion Gels
Lovegrove Correction Gels
Tungsten or daylight colour correction and diffusion gels.

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