social media mess

Is Social Media One Big Mess?

Are you asking why should it be so? Well, just take a look at various courses, various so-called gurus, and their approaches. Sure, everyone is different and people tend to do things by their own standards and methods. But what really works and what has been debunked? Is there one single pattern you can follow and know you are on the right path? It seems like everyone is just trying what helps and what does not and adjust on the go. But is there some proven way you can copy? Like a system?

Seems to me like there is not a single one proven system you could just follow and expect results. Take for example Gary Vaynerchuk, who says cold calling is dead, social media is the new cold calling. And, for example, take Mr. Tai Lopez, who teaches cold calling in his programs. Or the frequency with which you are supposed to post on social media. Can you overdo it? Sure. Plus my favorite – basically all those teachers claim “this stuff works everywhere, no matter where you are, people are basically the same and their reactions are therefore predictable…”. Well, that’s the problem. People are NOT the same. What works on Californians doesn’t necessarily work on Brits or Russians. Not that anyone would try to sell these things to Russia… But why not?

Look, you probably know that you can invest your money on many various online courses, which promise to teach you the ins and outs of social media. One of them is SMMA, a course by already mentioned Tai Lopez. Here is a review of Social Media Marketing Agency. And sure enough, you can buy a book from Gary Vee.

Yes, there are even books on how to do social media. This one from Gary is good, solid content. The real problem is, that when a book focused on something very specific in this niche comes out, it’s already over, half of the content is not valid anymore. Yep, that’s how fast-paced the tough world of online advertising is. People from the outside have no idea… I often meet people, who tell me “yeah, SEO… I know, I did my SEO for my site ten years ago, it works like this and that…”. It used to, bro.


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How do start your business? How do you grow your small business consulting practice? What skills are essential and how much time do you need to start earning?

Here is a brief introduction to becoming a small business consultant. Whether you call yourself a consultant, advisor, mentor or business coach, these ideas will help you to get the right mindset and give you some hopefully useful ideas on how to grow your business as fast and as effectively as possible.

So who is a consultant?

As a business consultant, you will work with clients on their business strategy, planning their goals and problem-solving. You will also help clients develop essential business skills and deep knowledge of their industry. These topics are really various and vary, they range from designing a business model or marketing plan, to deciding which marketing techniques to use, when to use them and how to use them. You’ll also help clients learn how to plan effectively their days and implement short and long term projects. A business consultant gives advice, teaches basic and advanced skills, and brainstorms with the clients to get practical results and enhance strategic thinking within their companies. To give advice, you should already have some experience. Whatever the case is, you might want to go on with your own education. It’s never a bad idea to learn, so why don’t you go through some course? I highly recommend this business Accelerator program by Sam Ovens.


How do you start?


The usual first step for any business consultant is to dive in and discover. This initial phase, we can call it the discovery phase, is where the goal is to learn the client’s business’ ins and outs, from inside out. A good business consultant, which you aspire to be, takes the time to learn as much as possible about the business in the shortest time. You’ll need to know it all, from the owner and top management to employees at the bottom. This phase can easily become time-consuming, it can include touring the facility, meeting with the board of directors and employees, analyzing the financial flows and going through all possible company materials, including financial reports, business plans, annual reports etc. You can also review their social media online presence if they even use things like Social Bow and less known media. Pretty much everything should come up during this process. You, the business consultant, will uncover the details of a company’s mission, what they stand for, their statement of value and what operations are in place at the moment. It’s not even remotely easy, so be ready for some hard work.